About Nabis

A word from our founders.

Nabis was founded with a simple vision: to modernize the way business is done in the cannabis industry.

Our company culture is one of professionalism, efficiency, and reliability - words that, until now, have not been associated with the cannabis industry.

In less than two years we have rapidly become one of the largest cannabis distributors in California, delivering hundreds of products from popular brands all over The Golden State.

Today, we’ve expanded into sales and marketing for our clients, including cannabis specific logistics and software solutions.

We also share information about current events in cannabis via social media and other platforms, so the industry as a whole can become more knowledgeable.

Our Team:

Nabis Founder Vince


Nabis Founder
Former Founder at Scaphold
YC W17, acquired by Amazon


Nabis Founder
Founder at Allganize.ai
Former Software Engineer at Facebook

Both founders have a deep passion for cannabis, and their experience started from the tech industry. Vincent Ning worked as an engineer at Microsoft and later founded a company called Scaphold (YC W17), which was eventually acquired by Amazon. Jun Lee worked as an engineer at Facebook after graduating from Harvard and later founded an AI company called Allganize before co-founding Nabis.

Nabis Team

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