This handy guide summarizes the most common ways today’s consumers enjoy cannabis, so marijuana newbies can enter a dispensary feeling confident in their knowledge of the stuff.

In order to give readers an understanding of why legalization actually changes things, we’ve also included the benefits that come with each of these methods now that prohibition is over.

If you’re a self-proclaimed cannabis expert, keep reading! With new products and new ways to imbibe popping up almost daily, even an experienced user could benefit from the information provided in this little refresher course.

This guide will be ongoing as exciting advancements are made in the cannabis market, but we’ll start with the most familiar form of cannabis consumption: inhaling it


joint thicc 2.gif

jay, fatty jay, pinner, etc.

Good for consumers who are: on the go, good with their hands, not interested in carrying bulky smoking paraphernalia

If you’re someone who is particularly dextrous or has experience rolling cigarettes, joints are one of the simplest ways to smoke weed. If you’re someone who wants to try cannabis but lacks coordination, rolling joints might be a bit challenging.

Whether you’re the former or the latter, we encourage you to try “twisting off one.” After all,  the internet is full of joint-rolling tutorials. And since papers are the only required materials for crafting joints, you won’t have to break the bank to experiment with this smoking method.

Why it’s good to get into joints now that cannabis is legal:

Today’s prerolls are a far cry from their pre-legalization ancestors, which were made with whatever flower was swept off of the dispensary floor. Now your options range from prerolls made for casual smoking to ones that are stuffed with hash and dipped in keef.

If you’re foregoing the premade ones in order to craft your own, you now have access to a seemingly infinite number of rolling paper options. From all natural corn husk to 24k gold, there’s never been more opportunities to practice the art of rolling.


smoking blunt animated cartoon.png

bleezy, L, dutchie, etc.

Good for consumers who are: looking to smoke something larger than a joint, imbibing in a social setting

Size isn’t the only reason that blunts are known for having a greater psychoactive effect than their smaller, paper-rolled cousin. Blunts are rolled using papers made from tobacco leaf, giving them a unique flavor and an added “buzz” from nicotine. Blunts also burn slower than joints, so they can be passed to a large group of people without needing to consumed quickly or relit frequently. These flower-filled cigarilllos used to be off-limits for those with nicotine sensitivities, but not anymore!

Why it’s good to get into blunts now that cannabis is legal:

Advancements in rolling paper technology have given us tobacco-less blunt wraps, so even the nicotine-averse can enjoy a “phatty blunt.” Blunt rolling is a more advanced art form than joint rolling, but luckily the internet has provided us with even more tutorials.


weed pipe animated smoking.png

piece, bowl, etc.

Good for consumers who are: trying to taste the flavor nuances of their cannabis, unable to roll their own joints/blunts

Pipes are a great way to experiment with cannabis if you want to taste the nuances of your bud, since flower imbibed out of a glass, metal, or wooden accessory is unhindered by the flavors of burning paper or blunt wraps.

The size of a bowl varies from a single-use “one-hitter” to a bowl with a far bigger capacity. After trying a few bowls, you’ll probably find the size that matches your smoking style best. Also, it’s not uncommon for fans of glass to own multiple pieces.

Why it’s good to get into pipes now that cannabis is legal: With so much market variety, it’s the perfect time to get analytical about your cannabis. Taste a number of strains and see what you like. Plus, with flower of incredible quality and potency is available, you can pack a bowl that really packs a punch.


bong smoking animated.png

water pipe, binger, etc.

Good for consumers who are: more experienced smokers, want more mileage per toke

If you are newer to the world of cannabis, you might want to wait a bit until you use a bong. Bongs filter cannabis smoke through water, cooling the smoke as you inhale it and rendering it easier on the throat and lungs.

Anyone who has used a bong, however, would probably argue that a bong rip is far from easy. That’s because a bong has a larger capacity than a bowl, so users are inhaling a larger amount of smoke. It might be cooler, and it might have less carcinogens (thanks to the cooling effects from the water), but it’s still a ton of THC. If you’re curious about the world of water pipes, why not try…

Why it’s good to get into bongs now that cannabis is legal: Once a product relegated to dingy beachside head shops, bongs can now be purchased from places that look like the Apple Store.

There’s also a wide range of bongs to choose from, even silicone bongs that won’t break if you knock them over in a moment of THC-induced euphoria.


bubbler weed cannabis smoking animated

water pipe, bub, etc.

Good for consumers who are: looking for the smoking experience of a bong in a smaller, more convenient form

This is basically a mini-bong, or a water-filtered bowl. Bongs are difficult to transport discreetly, and a bong water spill is very smelly and unpleasant.

Bubblers allow you to experience cooler smoke and inhale larger hits than you would get from a regular bowl. Try a bubbler and then graduate to a bong.

Why it’s good to get into bubblers now that cannabis is legal: Much like their larger cousin, bubblers are going through a renaissance. Glassblowers are hard at work creating functional pieces that are beautiful enough to showcase in your home. And now that cannabis is legal, you have no reason to hide away your paraphernalia.


vaporizer volcano weed animated

vape, volcano, etc.

Good for consumers who are: looking to get the added health benefits of cannabis, prone to lung sensitivity

With a vaporizer, you’re getting a wider range of cannabis compounds and a smaller amount of carcinogens. Unlike other smoking methods, vaporizers avoid combustion by heating cannabis slowly.

Some cannabinoids cannot survive the high heat of combustion, but they can stand being subjected to the lower temperature of a vaporizer. Additionally, the vapor created by vaporizers is easier to inhale than traditional smoke.

The only real downside to vaporizers? Almost all of them require an outlet, and a lot of them are pretty expensive.

Why it’s good to get into vaporizers now that cannabis is legal: While vaporizers aren’t cheap, legalization means a larger market, and with that market comes pressure to decrease prices.

If you’ve always abstained from a passed joint or a bowl due to sensitive lungs, the world of vaporizers has never been more accessible.


weed vape pen smoking animated

e-cig, penny, mini dab, etc.

Good for consumers who are: looking for something portable, using cannabis around others sensitive to smoke

Literally the size of a pen, portable vaporizers discreetly fit into your pocket and produce a vapor that doesn’t have the strong, distinct smell of regular weed smoke. Vapes are sold as disposables or chargeable units with removable cartridges. The product being vaporized is butane hash oil, distillate, or concentrate from the cannabis plant itself.

Vape pens are great for everyday smoking when you have access to a charger; if you’re taking a long camping trip, maybe stick to classic smoking.

Why it’s good to get into vape pens now that cannabis is legal: Before legalization, it was a real gamble purchasing a vape. Consumers didn’t know if the parts in shoddily made vapes had glue or other chemicals leaking into their cannabis.

Now that high-end vapes are being made and more testing is being done on cannabis products, you can be sure you’re buying a vape that’s safe and effective.


dab rig thicc.gif

wax, oil, shatter, etc.

Good for consumers who are: interested in experimenting with very potent cannabis products

A word of caution: dabs are definitely not for the novice cannabis user. THC and other cannabinoids are extracted from potent flower using solvents like carbon dioxide or butane. The result is a powerful, concentrate that’s 50%-80% THC.

In order to enjoy this “wax, crumble, shatter, etc.,” you’ll have to get your hands on a few specific pieces of equipment. If you’re looking to really experiment with cannabis, then try dabbing. But maybe borrow a friend’s dab rig before you invest in your own kit.

Why it’s good to get into dabbing now that cannabis is legal: Before legalization, THC concentrates weren’t analyzed or regulated. If you wanted to try dabbing, you didn’t know what you were putting in your lungs. Now all concentrates are subjected to a detailed analysis of their components so you can be an informed consumer.

The Takeaway:

There are numerous ways to inhale cannabis, and that number is only growing. With every new method you consider, make sure you do a bit of research and keep your own personal tastes in mind. And speaking of personal tastes, keep an eye out for our upcoming post on enjoying edibles.

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