The NABIS Holiday Gift Guide: Part II

We sifted through a variety of edibles brands (our jobs are hard, we know), picking the products that were as delicious as they were potent. In addition to being the tastiest edibles we tried, the companies behind these products stood out. They’re all finding unique ways to make a name for themselves in the uncharted territory of the legal cannabis market. That’s pretty sweet.



THC-infused caramels


Buzzwords: multigenerational, family recipes, gives back, gluten free

Who it’s for: your friend who knows their way around a See’s Candy chocolate box, a real confection aficionado

The world of edibles has been having a bit of a renaissance lately, creating more competition between edibles brands. Woah Candy Co. stands out from the pack because their high quality caramels are made using a unique, generations-old family recipe. And since Woah Candy Co. donates a portion of their proceeds to global reforestation, you can feel less guilty about increasing your candy consumption during the holidays.



Woah Candy founder Mark Bergquist comes by the caramel-making game honestly, after spending his youth working at his mother’s artisan sweet shop in Casselberry, Florida. Named after Mark’s great grandmother, Emma’s Sweets sold toffee, brittles, truffles, and caramels to sweet-toothed Floridians using the recipes created by Emma herself.

As Bergquist family legend has it, Great Grandma Emma created her caramel recipe after a nearby beekeeper gifted her a gallon of honey. By using local wildflower honey in her caramels instead of the more commonly used corn syrup, Emma created a confection with a wholly unique flavor profile and mouthfeel.

Woah Candy Co. caramels, based on Great Grandma Emma’ family recipe.

Woah Candy Co. caramels, based on Great Grandma Emma’ family recipe.


Since its 2017 beginnings Woah Candy Co. has used Great Grandma Emma’s same honey caramel recipe, sweetening the candy eating experience even further by adding cannabis. The caramels are cooked slowly and in small batches, ensuring for a delicious final product with hints of honey, real cream, and vanilla. Their caramels come 8 to a box, with 80mg total THC per box. You can order them enrobed in Fairtrade Belgian Dark Chocolate, or uncoated in all their caramelly glory. Also, they’re gluten free, so your cannabis-loving friends who have to steer clear of infused cookies can finally participate in the fun!


“We’re proud to be 100% family, friend, and employee owned,” says Bergquist, “we’re all invested in a vision to bring value to our community and the industry.” Woah Candies enriches the cannabis business with its family roots and commitment to its staff. You can buy presents from anywhere this season, but it’s nice to know that sales of a product from this company go into the pockets of people trying to better the world around them.


Woah Candy Co. really is trying to make the world a better place by donating a portion of their proceeds to One Tree Planted, a non-profit committed to reforestation all over the globe. Founded in Vermont in 2014, One Tree Planted restores plant life in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa that has been damaged or lost to forest fires and floods. Their efforts create jobs and help build communities, which in turn enriches local economies. A weed caramel that’s gluten free and helps the planet?! Sounds like a pretty good gift to us.


Dr. Norm’s

THC and CBD cookies


Buzzwords: family-owned, low-dose options, vegan-friendly options

Who it’s for: from edible novice to seasoned cannabis eater, Dr. Norm’s has a product for everyone

You might be sensing a pattern in the products we like this season, because Dr. Norm’s is also a family owned and operated business. Founded by brother and sister duo Jeff Koz Wilson and Roberta Koz Wilson, Dr. Norm’s cookies are named after the pair’s physician dad and based on a recipe from their mom. “He was a trusted M.D. with a sweet and gentle bedside manner,” they say. “We learned not only about compassionate care, but how laughter is actually the best medicine.” You’ll have plenty to laugh about after eating one of Dr. Norm’s cookies, especially since they make them in a variety of flavors and dosages.

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“Between our two parents we learned how to be light-hearted, principled, and always sharing.” says Roberta Koz Wilson, describing the Dr. Norm’s company philosophy. The cannabis cookie business grew out of Roberta’s first, non-medicated cookie brand named after her mother Audrey. Koz Wilson says Audrey baked her famous chocolate chip cookies, “every single day… not an exaggeration.

Audrey’s Cookies was born out of Koz Wilson’s desire to “fill the void left in the universe” after her mother passed away. Once the idea of medicated cookies spontaneously came to the siblings, they decided to change the name to honor their MD Dad. This would be a heartwarming story even if the cookies were mediocre, but they’re not. Dr. Norm’s cookies really are so tasty, we get why Audrey was baking the weed-less version on the daily.


Dr. Norm’s oft repeated slogan is, “Know your dose!” because they never want their customers to have an uncomfortable experience using their product. While most of the products on our list average out to around 10mg of THC per dose, Dr. Norm’s offers cookies with 5mg of THC. Customers can even purchase single servings of cookies, so they can experiment with the sensation of ingesting edibles without committing to the purchase of an entire bag. If you need your edible weed to pack a hefty punch you can always try their 10mg THC cookie, which is also available for purchase in single servings and bags of ten.

If someone on your gift list is really green to the world of edible green, Dr. Norm’s CBD cookies might be a good place to start. Each peanut butter chocolate cookie is dosed with 15mg of pure CBD, so snacking on these guys will calm any lingering holiday anxiety.


Dr. Norm’s peanut butter chocolate CBD cookie is vegan, and Dr. Norm’s also offers vegan peanut butter chocolate cookies with 10mg of THC. Your friends with dietary limitations can still find a way to relax on Christmas Eve if they’re chowing down on a bag of Dr. Norm’s.




cannabis-infused chocolate bars


Buzzwords: Supreme Flavor, Premium Ingredients, Vegan Options, Gluten Free

Who it’s for: any friend who loves high quality chocolate, or someone who knows what cannabis strains they like

We’re keeping our list short and sweet, ending it with CALIGOLD’s THC and CBD-infused chocolate bars. CALIGOLD’s chocolate is delicious, of course, but we also love how they infuse their products with specific strains of cannabis. If someone on your gift giving list waxes poetic about their love of Sour Diesel, now they can see how it tastes in a chocolate bar.



Before CALIGOLD was hawking its weed-infused wares, they were selling non-infused chocolates that successfully competed in the high end, handcrafted marketplace. Think of the better stalls at your local farmers market, or even Whole Foods. In 2014 CALIGOLD debuted its edibles line, sourcing its base ingredients from non-GMO, fair trade, South American cacao beans.

Specifically, CALIGOLD uses only Criollo and Forastero cacao beans (could you call them cacao “strains”?) Only 5 percent of all cacao production is Criollo beans, because it is so finicky and difficult to grow. Nicknamed “the prince of cacaos,” growers put in the work because they’re after Criollo’s complex and delicate flavor profile. Forastero cacao beans, on the other hand, are grown for their full-bodied flavor profile. Forastero beans are often included in blends with other cacao types because of their ability to round out a chocolate bar’s flavor profile, creating a full-bodied taste and aroma.

If you know anyone who is both discerning in their tastes and charitable, CALIGOLD also donates a portion of their proceeds to the cacao farmers responsible for growing and harvesting their ingredients.


CALIGOLD sells chocolate bars, so this might seem like a redundant inclusion to our list. But CALIGOLD makes sure their bars have a high cacao content, which is something not every chocolate company tries to do. In 2004, Washington Post found that Hershey bars contain only 11 percent cacao, making it primarily sugar and milk. CALIGOLD bars weigh in at upwards of 50 percent cacao. If you know a chocolate snob, you can rest assured that they’ll be more than satisfied with a bar from this company. But at around 100mg THC per bar, these guys are meant to be savored one square at a time.



photos by Katy Karns

Logan Guntzelman