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Monterey Tilth LLC struck up a deal with Nabis last week, announcing that Nabis will be the exclusive distributor of one of their immensely popular consumer brands.

Since their products don’t arrive in dispensaries with Monterey Tilth printed on the label, a lot of consumers don’t know that they are probably already fans of flower grown by one of the top five cultivators in California. Monterey Tilth LLC is the entity behind The WEED Brand, a line of packaged flower known for both its quality and its value. With over fifty cannabis strains culled from partners and their own nursery, Monterey Tilth grows flower for The WEED Brand using 200,000 sq. feet of greenhouse space spread out over 5 fertile Salinas valley acres.

One of Monterey Tilth Farms many greenhouses (via  Facebook )

One of Monterey Tilth Farms many greenhouses (via Facebook)

Monterey Tilth is a powerful player in the market because it not only survived after the “weedpocalypse” brought on by July 1st regulations; it thrived. The Bureau of Cannabis Control’s harsh new testing and packaging requirements meant that many cannabis producers and manufacturers had to spend valuable time away from their plants. “Farmers didn’t farm this year,” says True Humboldt founder Stephen Dillon, “they spent their days doing paperwork.” The state’s supply of legal cannabis was so compromised by the BCC’s new rules, bidding wars broke out on Humboldt County Radio. Monterey Tilth did its homework, making this year’s harvest season a busy one. “There is a line out the door,” remarked Monterey Tilth CEO Christina Dipaci.

Monterey Tilth is now one of the top five cannabis cultivators in the state of California, a feat that’s all the more impressive considering the farm behind The WEED Brand was founded in 2016. Nabis is also no stranger to rapid expansion, as its taken less than two years for the company to become one of the largest cannabis distributors in California. A large part of the company’s growth is due to the popularity of the brands they distribute, so The WEED Brand is a very exciting addition to the Nabis roster.

“The demand for The Weed Brand is enormous,” Nabis founder Jun Lee says, “it fills a massive void in the market for affordable, quality flower.” Lee is not exaggerating when he uses the word void. Higher end cannabis in California can cost as much as $400 per ounce in some cities, which is a lot more than most people are looking to spend when they walk into a dispensary. Additionally, five of the top ten most popular cannabis strains in California are sold at a below average price. That means Californians love affordable weed, but they are in need of places to get it. The stage is completely set for someone like The WEED Brand.

The WEED Brand is especially connected to the cannabis market, visiting dispensaries for patient and customer appreciation days in order to get feedback on their product in real time. The number of dispensaries playing host to the brand will only grow now that Nabis is solely responsible for The WEED Brand’s sales, logistics, and transportation.

Representatives from The Weed Brand visit CBCB dispensary in Berkeley, CA.

Representatives from The Weed Brand visit CBCB dispensary in Berkeley, CA.

The partnership between Nabis and Monterey Tilth will benefit retailers and consumers alike, as anyone making a purchase can be sure that the product they are buying is both high caliber and highly compliant. “Given their reach to over 400 dispensaries,” Dipaci says of Nabis, “We look forward to sharing The WEED Brand with as many people as possible.”

Next time you’re visiting your favorite dispensary, keep an eye out for The WEED Brand.