Cannabis Logistics

As part of our logistics service, we are involved in the procurement, storage, testing and delivery of cannabis products.

Our large-volume trade routes span the entire state. We provide storage and testing services at our Oakland, CA and Chatsworth, CA locations.


Cannabis Distribution

We distribute cannabis products direct from brands and manufacturers to dispensaries (BCC) in California.

We are licensed by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control and granted a Type 11 distributor license.


Cannabis Sales

Nabis has helped many brands reach more dispensaries across California. We also work with dispensaries to source products that are in demand and selling well at their stores.

Our sales team is comprised of cannabis industry veterans who have deep relationships in this space.


Cannabis Marketing

Nabis provides emerging and existing Cannabis brands our marketing expertise.

Our team is comprised of experts in marketing, social media and sales. Additionally, we are highly knowledgeable about cannabis legality and can help your brand grow while being legally compliant.


Nabis Software

Brands can create delivery entries directly on our website, and rest assured their products are shipped on time.

We provide real-time tracking of shipments and automated compliance with all California laws, including excise tax collection and METRC integration.


Cannabis Education

With constant improvement in cannabis regulations, brands need to stay compliant. Additionally, due to the nature of our business, we foresee changes in consumer demands and thus can help your brand plan the growth of your products

Contact us to set up a consult.



Founding Pillars


Nabis delivers the most reliable, consistent, and secure logistics solution for cannabis businesses. Whether you are a brand, cultivator, intermediary processor, or final good manufacturer, Nabis provides you with access to an enterprise-scale distribution network.

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