Founded on a simple vision:

To modernize the way products are moved in the cannabis supply chain.

Seeing an opportunity to disrupt incumbents like RVR, CannaCraft, and Indus, the founders and the team built a low-cost, tech-based solution for cannabis brands. In less than 2 years, they’ve built a network to cover the entire state, have dozens of top level brands, and are one of the fastest growing distributors in California.

— Brandon David, onInvesting in Cannabis
% of retailers in California receiving products from Nabis
# of cannabis brands shipping products with Nabis
# of wholesale deliveries made by Nabis, every week

Our founders

Vince and Jun bring years of experience in enterprise software combined with a deep passion and understanding of cannabis. They started out as delivery drivers, moving products to dispensaries to build Nabis from the ground-up

Prior to starting Nabis, Vince began his career as an engineer at Microsoft before founding a software company called Scaphold, which was later acquired by Amazon. Jun started as an engineer at Facebook before founding an artificial intelligence company called Allganize.
Founder at Scaphold (YC W17)
Software Engineer at Microsoft
B.A. from University of Virginia
Jun S. Lee
/ President
Founder at Allganize AI
Software Engineer at Facebook
B.A. from Harvard University

Our team

We believe that building a great business starts with the people involved. We prioritize working with the best talent, and we're looking to build out our team as we scale.